Project Launch – Gender and Climate

We are delighted to announce the 10 successful Women-Led Organisations that will be working in partnership with CAC’s Choice for Women brand on the Gender and Climate Project funded by The Swedish Postcode Foundation.

Sports With A Mission


The Girls Foundation of Tanzania


Raya34 Sports

Reclaim Childhood

Palestine Sports for Life

GOALS Armenia

Misbah Volleyball Academy

Futebol dá Força Foundation

Our successful partners come from 10 different countries representing the regions of the  Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Eurasia. Three of these organizations have completed their CAC accreditation pathway and a further three are on track to become accredited in 2023. One of these organizations has a CAC accredited coach and at least two women coaches from other organizations in this cohort will be accredited in 2023.

These organizations will recruit and train 20 women leaders from within their communities who will receive virtual training and support to deliver a custom designed Purposeful Play curriculum focusing on gender issues which are exacerbated by the climate crisis. 

Together CAC and the women-led organizations will aim to educate 15,000 participants over the course of the next 12 months to increase knowledge and confidence regarding gender and climate issues, creating a legacy of empowered women who can become activists within their communities.

Each organization will also select one female climate activist who will design and implement their own climate related project to educate and empower others to make positive changes that benefit the environment. 

If you have would like further information about this project please contact

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