• Partnership with Peace One Day A Huge Success

    October 17, 2014.  Earlier this year Coaches Across Continents announced the largest partnership in sport for social impact.  Together with Peace One Day, we teamed up to supply organizations with a free soccer resource packet that uses CAC games to educate about peace and encourage the development of skill sets that lead to peace building.  On 21 September, these efforts came to the fruition when millions around the world celebrated and recognized Peace Day.

    Together with Peace One Day, Coaches Across Continents is using their One Day One Goal platform to use football as a peace building educational exercise.  Along with their other efforts, the goal for 2014 is to have Peace Day recognized by one billion people globally.  This first year of our partnership was a great start to spreading that awareness.  Overall nearly four hundred sport for social development organizations took advantage of this free resource to educate their communities on peace building practices.  These included organizations on all six continents, and they were distributed and available in six different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili).

    The focus of this year’s celebrations was on the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes region of Africa (focusing on Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania).  So far in those five countries we have confirmation of the resource packet being used by 50 organizations to promote peace, with more coming forward every day.  Each of these organizations also held an event for 21 September, the International Day of Peace.  These include CAC implementing community partners as well as organizations who have heard about the power of sport through other avenues like StreetFootballWorld, One World Futbol, FIFA Football for Hope, and Peace One Day.

    Stories, pictures, and videos from around the world continue to arrive speaking of the incredible power that football has as a unifying factor.  Check out some of them on our Facebook page.  If you or your organization want to tell your story from Peace Day, please contact us at: or

    Celebrating Peace in Goma, Congo

    Celebrating Peace in Goma, Congo

    Celebrating Peace in Diadema, Brazil

    Celebrating Peace in Diadema, Brazil

    Celebrating Peace in Kenya

    Celebrating Peace in Kenya



  • Wonderful World of Marsabit, Kenya

    July 15, 2013. A six-hour ride in a mutatu, another five hours traveling on unpaved
    road, an encounter with an ostrich family of thirty-some offspring, and we finally arrived in Marsabit. The town, located in remote Northern Kenya, is a complete 180 degree turnaround from Nairobi’s crowded, noisy city streets. In Marsabit, we found ourselves under a blanket of stars (which only became brighter when the power went out), and lulled to sleep each night by the music and prayers emanating from the local mosque.

    Coach Brian left early Wednesday morning to head to the next CAC program in Tanzania, but Coaches Charlie, AJ, and Megan managed to run the program just fine, even without “dad” around. We worked with HODI’s U-13 and U-16 girls and boys teams, their coaches, and a group of peer educators who work in local schools. The Kenyan public school teachers are still on strike, which meant that we were able to work with the younger players all day. Sessions ran in both the morning and the afternoon, oftentimes alongside some combination of cattle, sheep, or donkeys. Two main problems that the group identified in their community are tribalism and restrictive attitudes towards girls playing sports. As a result, we focused on games for conflict resolution and gener equity throughout the week.

    It was great to hear the young coaches and players use their voices more and more as the week went on. As the week progressed, we also saw more and more girls come to the pitch wearing soccer shorts rather than longer skirts. Despite the fact that many of our participants started fasting for Ramadan this week, they brought boundless energy and enthusiasm to the field each day. We had a great time collaborating with HODI for the second year in a row, and we hope that the young leaders that we worked with will use the games and skills that they learned this week to help bring change to their community.


  • Football Impacts and Ice Cream?

    July 5, 2013.  Returning to Nairobi, Coaches across Continents partnered with Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) for a special 4th year in large part because of their outstanding commitment to sport for social impact.  Because of this, many of the 75 coaches we worked with were returning participants.  Does this mean we repeated the same stuff from last year?  Nope.  CAC brought with them a smorgasbord of new games.  Because most of these coaches were high quality footballers, our games were successfully tested and stretched to accommodate their skill.

    We also had a Coaches Across Continents first when a VAP coach, Oppo, decided it was time for an ice cream break and snuck off, during the middle of a game.  Needless to say, this sparked a daily tradition of grabbing a Toffee Choco Delight from the passing ice-cream wagon after each session.

    Wednesday afternoon brought Meg and Charlie to a local school where one of our hosts, Hussein Habib, has been running an all-girls team, the Golden Angels, since 2006.  The 15 year old girls were a pleasure to work with.  They had not only mastered many of the nuances of the game, but their skill and problem solving ability easily rivaled the adult coaches in our regular sessions.

    It was an excellent continuation of our partnership with VAP and a heck of a start to the next 5 weeks of CAC working in Kenya with AJ, Charlie, and Meg.  On to Marsabit and HODI!image

  • Coaches Across Continents Releases New Video

    February 27, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents is happy to release our latest video, our 2013 Social Impact Documentary.


    Filmed in Marsabit, Kenya with our partner group Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI), this community is showing how sport can change a community that faces female genital mutilation, girls being sold into marriage, and gun violence.

    It’s fascinating to see the impact of the Coaches Across Continents work from the voices of the local coaches, teachers, and young people.  We get a chance to see first-hand the impact that sport is having on programs like HODI all over the world.

    Nick Gates, Founder, Coaches Across Continents

    Click here to see all the CAC videos on our YouTube channel.