• Positive Climate Action for the Entire S4D Sector

    Feb 10, 2022. Coaches Across Continents is proud to announce our partnership with the UEFA Foundation for Children on an initiative that will provide positive climate action for the entire Sport for Development sector.

    Coaches Across Continents, with UEFA’s support, will develop, pilot, and then deliver an animated curriculum in seven languages that will educate children, coaches, and organization. CAC Instruct will develop a ten-game curriculum that educates about each of UN ACT Now’s ten actionable items individuals may utilize to reduce their carbon footprint. This curriculum will be piloted in Nairobi through our long-term partner, Green Kenya, impacting over 1,000 children.

    Once finalized, the curriculum will be open source and available in early 2023 through Sport Session Planner, the Premier 3D Sport Session Planning Tool for Clubs and Coaches. Each activity will be animated and have a video example and available through smartphones in at least seven major languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Swahili & Spanish). We anticipate this curriculum to be utilized by thousands of organizations on all six continents, educating millions of children and creating the first large-scale effort by the sport for development sector to collectively reduce our impact on the planet.

  • A Home Away from Home

    August 19th 2016. Volunteer Jenifer Anzivino wrote about our time with training4changeS in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Thanks to the Games 4 Good Foundation for supporting this partnership.

    I’ve been home for 19 days so this is a bit of a delayed blog but truly makes me more excited to write about about my second week in South Africa with Coaches Across Continents. I thank the staff for giving me time to write this due to personal circumstances because I still wanted to tell my story.

    Week one in South Africa was truly eye opening. Changing locations was not easy after such an emotional week. I felt like I wanted to stay in Limpopo forever and continue working with the community. Through our travels though there was a good amount of time to reflect and start preparing for week two in Khayelitsha. We arrived at our new location and were welcomed by Marcus who would be joining us and Daniel who is the founder of training4changeS and the person who would be welcoming us into his home for the next two weeks (Yes, that meant taking in 5 people at one point). Quickly their home became ours. Daniels wife Kendra could not have made us feel more at home, and their son Sammi became our younger sibling for the week. I have never felt more welcomed into a house that was not mine.

    I believe that you truly are only successful as the people you surround yourself with. Well that is why two weeks honestly felt so short.  As me met the staff of training4changeS it became obvious how amazing this time would be. Not only were they more than welcoming but they were so excited and enthusiastic to get started for their third year. During this week since it was a third year program we did a lot of focus on technology. After we spent the day demonstrating games that could be influential off the soccer field we then started having them enter them to Sport Session Planner. This resource quickly became exciting to them as they realized they could enter their games, share them, and also search for drills that align with what they were trying to convey that week. Whether the participants wanted to use these drills for soccer purposes or for social impact in the classroom, this database quickly became a hit to use to seek more knowledge. I truly cannot express how grateful I am for the people I met through this process and for the amazing attitudes that were always present. As I said at the end of week two, the participants may have thought they were learning from us but I learned more from them than any education could buy.



  • Sport Session Planner Win!

    July 29th 2016. We are delighted to announce that Sport Session Planner has won the CSR/Cause Marketing partnership with Coaches Across Continents, valued at $37,000! This competition, which has been open for the past 2 months was incredibly popular however Sport Session Planner were the lucky winners after answering every question about CAC and our Annual Review 2015 correctly and being drawn out of the hat of eligible entrants. Sport Session Planner is a leading sports software company, based in the UK, with sales offices located throughout the world. Formed in 2011 by sports coaches and world class IT specialists, with over 20 years experience, they have grown to be recognized as one of the worlds leading sports software providers, with thousands of users around the globe.

    As part of this partnership Sport Session Planner will receive a bespoke package of CSR/Cause Marketing support over the next year which will be designed, developed and implemented in collaboration with CAC. It will include naming rights for a Coaches Across Continents program in a location of their choice, brand storytelling and partnership promotion among many other things. This will help Sport Session Planner achieve their cause marketing objectives, deliver on their CSR commitments and maximize the return on their social investments.

    Thanks very much to everyone who entered this competition. We appreciate your ongoing engagement with Coaches Across Continents.


  • Online Education Program Runs Across 4 Continents

    April 22nd 2016. In December 2015 twelve participants successfully graduated from the first worldwide Online Education Program (OEP) in Sport for Social Impact. Coaches Across Continents (CAC) was delighted to certify these participants who invested 160 hours each during this 9-month course. The coaches are now qualified to use online technology, including Sport Session Planner (SSP), Skype, and email. Through these skills they are now further impacting children and youth locally and globally by sharing games through the online platform SSP. In 2015 the participants represented 7 different countries on the Asian and African continent.

    This year in March the 2nd year of our Online Education Program started. After the exciting first year we wanted it to grow and give more people the chance to learn using modern technology. We sent the invitation out and within two weeks we received 60 applications. We have been overwhelmed by this high interest. The applicants underwent a very competitive selection process whereby at the end 30 participants were accepted.

    The initial idea of starting an Online Education Program in Sport for Social Impact was that we wanted to offer trainings to coaches that were not able to receive On-Field training with CAC; usually because the safety situation in their community would not allow us to run a program in that particular place. Therefore we are particularly delighted to have 6 participants on the program this year that have never received CAC On-Field training before. Some of the countries that are represented by these coaches are South Sudan, Armenia and India. Looking at all the participants we have coaches from 17 different countries located on 4 different continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Please have a look at the map below to see that the OEP in its 2nd year has already become a global initiative. The markers represent the locations of all the participants in the 2nd year of CAC’s Online Education Program.

    Our vision for the future of the OEP reflects the idea of being able to run a complete On-Field program without being physically present. Let’s see if we can make that happen for 2017. For now we wish our current participants good luck and lots of fun for this year’s program. Let us grow the network of people who have skills to use Sport and Technology as a tool to impact their communities.

    OEP Map

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  • First Worldwide On-Line Education Course in Sport for Social Impact

    February 24th 2015. Do you remember your childhood and the time when you could open another window each day on the Christmas calendar and got more and more excited the closer you moved to Christmas? Coaches Across Continents (CAC) staff members feel like that at the moment, because in just a few days we launch our first “On-Line SDL Coaching Course”. We and our 24 participants are very excited to start, on March 1st 2015, this first worldwide On-Line Education Course in Sport for Social Impact. The students have been selected from our 74 implementing partners all over the world and we are very happy that we have participants from nine different countries, working on four different continents participating in this course. We will work with the coaches over nine months to develop their skills of coaching Football for Social Impact and guide them on their way to becoming Self-Directed Learners. By the end of the course they will be able to identify social issues in their own community and develop soccer games that address and ask for solutions regarding the issues they identified.

    CAC has been using the On-Line platform Sport Session Planer (SSP) for several years now to develop our own curriculum. Now it will become a key part in our On-Line Education course where the participants can enter, change, develop and share games they have played. We will use this platform to guide our coaches through the Self-Directed Learning (SDL) stages “Educate”, “Adapt”, and “Create”. In the “Educate” stage they will implement in their community nine CAC games every month and enter those games into SSP. In the “Adapt” stage they will learn to change existing games – using SSP – in a way that suits their individual needs. And in the final “Create” stage they will learn how to develop and design their own games and share them on SSP with participants from other communities. Furthermore CAC will have monthly Skype calls with the participants to give them any support they need and to follow up on their individual progress. CAC want to start a worldwide platform where communities can share their knowledge, experience and creativity and give feedback to each other’s games.

    One of the most important parts in CAC’s philosophy is that we don’t give any solutions or answers to each community’s social issues. We ask questions and we empower people to change things which they think needs to be changed. And the On-Line SDL Coaching Course is another cornerstone in the process of enabling communities to solve their own problems.

    Christmas this year is still a long time away, but for us it is five more days and the waiting has come to an end…

    Game 2